Panda Stonewall Power Project

The Panda Stonewall Power Project is a clean natural gas-fueled, 778 megawatt combined-cycle generating station. The plant can supply the power needs of up to 778,000 homes and is expected to make a significant contribution to the area’s economy. Panda Power Funds’ partners in the Stonewall project include Bechtel Development, a subsidiary of the Bechtel Corporation, and Green Energy Partners/Stonewall, the project’s original developer.

The 750-MW “Stonewall” Generating Station (Loudoun County, VA.)

Stonewall Power Plant Facility Facts

Location: Four miles south/southeast of Leesburg, Virginia
Site Size: 101 Acres
Size: 778 Megawatts; Will supply the power needs of approximately 778,000 homes in Virginia.
Technology: Combined cycle
Fuel: Clean, natural gas
Air Permit Received: April 2013
Construction Start: March 15, 2015
Construction Time: Approximately 30 months
Commercial Operations: May 2017
Facility Status: Panda Power Funds is under contract to exit the investment.

Stonewall Power Plant Facility Highlights

The Stonewall Generating Station will:

  • Generate an estimated $20 million per year in direct and indirect spending, increase the tax base and provide considerable annual revenue to the Town of Leesburg for the purchase of wastewater
  • Create approximately 800 construction jobs; 30 long-term jobs
  • Utilize the latest, most advanced emissions-control technology, making it one of the cleanest natural gas-fueled power plants in the United States
  • Not use potable water for cooling purposes, conserving Virginia’s natural supply of drinking water
  • Use treated wastewater for cooling purposes and return no wastewater to a treatment facility — preventing the discharge of harmful nutrients into the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay watershed
  • Be located in an industrial zone and screened by a naturally wooded area to reduce sightlines
  • Be built along existing transmission lines, eliminating the need for additional power lines

Market Need

  • More than 20 gigawatts of coal-fired power plant retirements have been announced to take place in the PJM (Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland) market in the next few years, setting the stage for tightening reserve requirements
  • More than 70 gigawatts of power plants in PJM average 56 years of age
  • Total peak demand growth of over 1.4 percent per year, or approximately 2,200 MW per year

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About Loudoun County, VA

Loudoun County is located between Washington, DC, and the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. To the east, Dulles International Airport and commerce thrive; while the western section still maintains its small farms, towns, and villages.

The Town of Leesburg, the county seat, was once named "George Town" honoring King George II. Leesburg was established in 1758 from land originally held by Lord Fairfax, then renamed for the influential Lee family of Virginia. The town was formed at the crossroads of two Colonial roads, now Routes 7 and 15, and is the seat of government for beautiful Loudoun County. Leesburg is located just 35 miles northwest of Washington DC, at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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Local Support

“As a long-standing resident of Loudoun County, I’m pleased at Panda’s commitment to being a good member of our community and to the environmental quality of this project. We found an excellent partner in Panda Power Funds."
– John Andrews, managing partner of Green Energy Partners/Stonewall