Generating A Brighter Future TM

Electricity drives every facet of modern living. Its easy accessibility is almost always taken for granted — until the moment the power fails.

U.S. Electricity Grid

Then, phone and computer systems go dead, air conditioning cuts out, gas pumps don’t work, offices close, factories shut down and traffic becomes snarled. Without electricity, our lives come to a standstill.

At present, approximately 5,400 power plants in the United States are working to bring a dependable, uninterrupted supply of electricity to consumers and commercial enterprises of all sizes. These plants are fueled from coal, natural gas, nuclear energy, oil, hydropower and geothermal steam or from alternative sources of energy such as solar power or wind.

Panda Power Funds is focused on the development or acquisition of large natural gas-fueled power plants and select solar generation in the United States. We like solar generation because it produces electricity when it is most needed, during the heat of the day. We like electricity produced from natural gas because it is clean, abundant, domestically-produced and dependable.

Our primary specialty is in natural gas-fueled, combined-cycle generation.

Learn more about how electricity is generated, natural gas-fueled combustion and combined-cycle generation.