Community Relations Highlight: Panda Sherman Power, LLC Partners with Grayson College for Employee Training

Mark Kadon, the general manager for the Panda Sherman Energy Center, recently worked with The Texas Workforce Commission and Grayson College to obtain $64,114 in TWC grant money to train 24 employees at the 758 megawatt Sherman power plant. Kadon was present at a ceremony at Grayson College, to accept the TWC grant, along with Texas Workforce Commissioner Hope Andrade and Grayson College President Dr. Jeremy McMillen. The grant is a part of the TWC's Skills Development Fund, which provides funding to community colleges for training the local workforce.

Coursework from the grant will cover electrical maintenance and transformer testing, management skills, several Microsoft computer applications and first aid training. "We partnered with CWL (the Center for Workplace Learning) to create this customized, high-quality training plan that will help ensure our success going forward to be able to deliver efficient, reliable electrical power energy to North Texas. So we are very grateful," Kadon said.

Grayson College President Jeremy McMillen said he was thrilled that Grayson College could be involved in the training, and hopes to do more in the future. "Any time you can get training dollars and put those into new jobs, or upgrading jobs in our county, it's a good day for Grayson County. And it's a good day for Grayson College to be a part of that," McMillen said, "We're really excited that the Workforce Commission has invested in us so that we can build our community to be even more excellent than it is today."

At the ceremony, the Texas Workforce Commission also handed out a grant to another organization with operations in the Denison, Texas area. Texas Work Commissioner Hope Andrade noted that the total regional economic impact of the two grants is estimated to be more than $18 million a month. " … What a great return on an investment," Andrade said.