Giving Back

We realize that for Panda Power Funds to truly be considered a part of a community, we first have to be identified as a contributing member. And, while we really don’t like publicly displaying our good deeds, we understand that the people we interact with need to know we’re serious when we talk about giving back to the community.

So, here are some of the charities we have supported over the years to be a blessing to others:

Bob and Janice Carter donating a vehicle to "My Friend's House"

My Friend’s House — an emergency youth shelter providing round-the-clock care and services to children ages newborn to 17. The charity named the shelter “My Friend’s House” because they didn’t want children staying with them to have to tell others they were living in a shelter. So when asked, they can say, “I live at My Friend’s House.”

Panda’s financial commitment allowed the home to open after the primary sponsor unexpectedly pulled out when the facility was nearing completion.

Career Day at I Have A Dream

I Have a Dream Foundation (Dallas) — motivates inner-city children to graduate from high school, pursue higher education and become productive members of the community. The Foundation provides students with mentors, role models, educational opportunities and recreational programs they may otherwise be denied. The foundation provides a safe place for low-income children to come after school. The foundation teaches the children social skills to make it in the business world, oversees that the children are doing their homework and helps to arrange college scholarships for them when they get older.

We also:

  • Built a school in Nepal, and provided supplies to the children, when Panda Energy was building a run-of-the-river project north of Kathmandu
  • Sponsor youth sports teams of all kinds
  • Have a number of employees who support the American Cancer Society’s “Relay for Life” program, the Susan G. Komen foundation and the Alzheimer’s Association.