What does a power plant mean for your community?

The 829-MW “Liberty” Generating Station (Bradford County, Pa.)

When most people think about a power plant, the image which often comes to mind is of an old coal plant. At Panda Power Funds, however, we specialize in building natural gas-fueled generating stations with state-of-the-art technology. As a result, the modern power facilities we bring to a community are much smaller, cleaner, quieter and safer than those even built just 10 years ago.

Equally important, a new power plant can bring significant benefits to your community:


Clean electricity — Natural gas-fueled power plants are the cleanest traditional source of electricity. And Panda Power Funds is using the latest, most advanced emissions-control technology available today. Two of the plants we are currently building will be among the cleanest natural gas power plants in the United States.

When displacing older, coal-fired plants, air quality can actually improve with greatly reduced emissions and virtually no particulate matter dispelled into the atmosphere.

Substantial economic stimulus — A new power plant enlarges payrolls, expands the tax base and drives revenues for local contractors, suppliers, service providers, hotels, restaurants, retailers and many other businesses. An economic impact study conducted on two recent Panda Power Funds’ projects estimated that each project would contribute approximately $1.6 billion to the area’s economy during construction and the first 10 years of operation.

Job creation — Several hundred construction jobs are created when building a natural gas power plant. The operation of a plant will also require approximately 25 permanent, highly-skilled and high-paying jobs.

Efficient power production – Panda’s use of cutting-edge combustion technology generally means that plant “footprints” are much smaller than those that were required even a decade ago. They also use less fuel to produce the same amount of electricity.

Enhanced reliability — An aging power plant requires more frequent maintenance to keep it running reliably, especially during stressful, high-temperature conditions. Newer power plants (like the kind Panda builds) use the most recent and dependable technology to help keep the lights on. This helps keep your place of business, and life, running more smoothly.

Greater energy security – The fuel which powers our plants comes from U.S. reserves of natural gas, rather than oil from overseas.

For many of these reasons, communities will compete to receive a clean, natural gas-fueled power plant like the one we might bring to your area

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