President and Senior Partner, Todd Carter, on a Habitat for Humanity project

Good business means being a good neighbor

At Panda Power Funds, we take the relationship we have with the communities we work and live in very seriously. In fact, gaining — and keeping — the support of the community is a critical factor in determining whether we move forward with a project.

Perhaps you’ve heard that Panda is in your community. We understand there are many questions that come with a new power plant. Will it be clean? How loud will it be? What type of fuel will it use? How large or tall will it be, etc.? We know the questions you’re asking are the very same questions we would ask if someone wanted to build in our community.

As a result, we make this commitment to you and your neighbors,

We will:

  • Take our time — without “rushing” this project through;
  • Keep you informed — at every step along the way, with plenty of opportunities for dialogue;
  • Listen to your questions and views — so we can learn more about what matters to you;
  • Be transparent in our answers — even if we know our answer isn’t what you’re looking for;
  • Work with you — in making adjustments to our project, where we can, to better accommodate your community;
  • Give back to the community — through corporate philanthropy and acts of service; and
  • Be stewards of the environment — because we care about the air our children breathe, too.

Panda Power Funds is a different kind of energy company. Gaining your confidence in Panda and our projects is vitally important to us. That’s why we develop the kind of safe, clean and environmentally friendly power projects that you can support. We also work to locate power facilities in the most unobtrusive area possible while still serving the electric needs of your community.

Give us a call; we’d love to visit with you.

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